Three moons... my friend Corto Maltese would say:
"Strange enough, usually there're only two..."
Hugo Pratt, I miss you...


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

Did I ever mention that Dilly can only count to 2? Aparently it's a reptile thing.
If you put say, 6 things in front ov her, she will count-
1, another one,another one,another one,another one,another one.... 1 plus another one equals.....TWO!
She says that the world would be more peaceful if everyone counted this way as most arguments and wars start over someone having more than you. But this way everyone will have 2 of everything. Except for those who have 1 of course. And then, those who have a "BIG 2" can give one to them and still have 2 whilst making them have 2, too.

Cergie said...

J'adore Corto maltes, encore un point commun entre nous.

Lucie Marguerite said...

J'adore le bandeau au dessus.
Qui tient lieu de titre.
Tu es une fée.
Tu arrives à réaliser tout ce que tu veux.