Winter solstice's coming soon...
On December the 22nd, we'll have the longest night in the year. At 1.21am, winter will start, days will begin to lengthen. Little by little we'll go towards light...It's an important event for us, so yesterday the children went to the woods, they chose a tree and last night they went back to it, with balls and lights...It's going to be the nicest tree in the woods...and nobody will cut it...We took the flying ladder to work more easily, and a pair of wings, lent by the birds...Didn't you know they have spare ones?


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

My mummy's looking forward to it too. She gets low when the evenings are so dark. She says the only thing she still likes about Christmas is that by the time it arrives, the days are getting longer.

I agree. But I like my Christmas stocking too, and mince pies.

Ooo an an an and Chocolate Christmas Log. Yum.


RUTH said...

That looks so pretty. Oh what fun! I am really getting excited as Christmas gets nearer.

Leslie Shelor said...

We've celebrated the Solstice here for years; lovely!

Robin - Erithacus rubecula said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog and all your wonderful comments.

Can you believe that we are almost at the turning point of the year?

The sun is sorting through the cupboard for it's spring clothes and getting ready.... but for me there are important things to do...yule log and my special Xmas dinner ahead. Yum!

muddy red shoes said...

happy solstis mousie xx

Gattina said...

Just came by to tell you that our suitcases are packed and Pookie sleeps in one. Tomorrow at 7 am we are off ! I am happy to escape this bad Belgian weather !

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What beautiful art you create! Glad I found your blog :)

Have a wonderful Christams!


gledwood said...

Your tree reminds me of this poem:
Poetess Sleeping
Dumb in a numb tree, wailing gaze,
Glancing glad and mournfully, afire and tired,
She falls asleep and furnace of her eyes
Refracts, a million-fold, the cosmic fire.
If she is two her dream-half falls awake,
Finding one she lost in a rainbow’s eye,
The dewy pupil of a sleeping flower
Ensphered, like evening’s sun in eyes of rain
And raining dreams and pools;
The rain grows trees.
Night writes her book in the words of day
And after dreams her poetry awakes,
A drab aphasiac in this world of words.

muddy red shoes said...

Bonne nouvelle annee mousie, see you soon

gledwood said...

Hi Mousie!

Those poems you asked for once... I found a whole book full of them yesterday so I've posted 3 of them on mine. See what you think...